Een Amerikaan in Pattaya

Door Gringo
Geplaatst in Pattaya, Steden
20 juli 2022

Nieuwkomers in Pattaya, die ik regelmatig in de poolhal Megabreak ontmoet, vertel ik dat zij na een eerste bezoek zeker nog een keer of vaker zullen terugkomen. Zo ook een Amerikaan die vier jaar na zijn eerste bezoek weer een vakantie in deze mondaine badplaats doorbrengt. Hij schrijft daar een lang verhaal over, je zou kunnen zeggen een soort dagboek, en plaatst dat op Thaivisa.  

Het is een ontspannen verhaal dat ik hieronder geplaatst heb. Ik heb zijn Amerikaans niet vertaald, want dat zou de spontaniteit van de wijze waarop hij schrijft niet ten goede komen.

Uit zijn verhaal mag u opmaken dat hij niet geïnteresseerd is in mooie parken, prachtige landschappen, strand, museums, tempels of andere culturele activiteiten. Hij heeft vakantie en komt naar Pattaya puur voor ontspanning. Zijn belevenissen heeft hij opgeschreven en ik vond het prachtig en gezellig om te lezen.

An American in Pattaya   

Just arrived back in Pats after a 4-year absence. Taking a 3 week break from work to scope things out a bit as I coast into semi retirement and mulling over how much time I want to spend in the LOS. So far foot massages, oil massages are still great.  Hotel pool in the hot afternoon is great. Ladies in shops, 7-11s, restaurants have all been very pleasant. Disappointed on the Domicile restaurant now closed.  Same Thai manager that used to work there and speaks German is now at the Brauhaus next door. Tons of Indian restaurants all over now. Road traffic not too bad and can walk across Pattaya Klang or Second Road without getting run down.  Beer prices up noticeably in the gogos, Tiger bottle costing 155 baht and more. Pleasantly surprised at the amount of clothes not worn by many of the girls in many of the places. I didn’t get a soapy yet, but that is on the agenda.

Soi Buakhao

Terminal 21 was pleasant. I don’t come here for malls, and I don’t buy or shop while here much, but I have to admit that if one were here for a long time, a visit to a big airconditioned mall could be an OK thing. I noticed the Keene walking shoes on sale were reasonably priced relative to what I have seen in the States. Movie selection at Big C (Dolphin) and T 21 were limited. I didn’t like the changes to the Big C Now Marina, I guess.  The Thai barbecue place that used to be on the left side is not there. Boy I loved that bbq sauce. Anybody know where the equivalent Thai bbq place indoors may be now? I haven’t wandered into Festival yet. Found some banana roti road side carts. Damn those are great tasting snacks.

Walking street… well the obvious ethnic majority walking around there is groups of middle easterners. I mean walking 3 or 4 across and in groups. I stopped into half a dozen gogos to check things out, have a beer, etc. Didn’t see any of those nationalities there. Just an observation. Saw what appeared to be the usual group rate discussions with some ladies and ladyboys. To each their own. I don’t know if the group thing is a cultural thing with them or they really are just trying to do things cheaply. At BKK while waiting for the bus saw the chinese tour groups being led by a lady holding up a flag with the color or number of their group. Each group about 10 or 12.  They took most of the chairs away from the area right across where you buy the ticket for the bus to Pattaya. The Magic food court was still a great buy and a pleasant and cheap way to eat and kill the hour waiting for the Pattaya Bus.

Robin’s Nest is still a fine littler eatery. LK Metro area about the same as before with a few more places open. So far sleeping, catching up with some movies, eating, swimming, massaging, etc. Pats is still a great little getaway. Short time prices seem about the same as I remember.   Not a wild party man. Amazingly my flip top 3g phone, just voice and text from the USA works here. So, I didn’t have to get Thai any simcard. I had to pay ATT my provider a fee to use it but that’s OK for the 3 weeks I am here. I may be an engineer, but I am way behind the times on smart phones, and WIFI, etc. Will upgrade later this year probably. Hotel has free internet and some computers in the lobby, so I am using that to write this. That’s all the connectivity I need at the moment.

Paying 1200 baht a night for a nice clean quiet place with rooftop pool up off of Soi Buakhao. I’m OK with that for now. Still marvel that I would spend less if I stayed one month then if I stayed 3 weeks! But that will be for the next longer trip.

Money exchange. Arriving at BKK all the places had USD 30.12. I walked down stairs to the super rich places and changed $1,000 USD for 30.72. OK, that is a measurable difference. When I got to Pattaya I have seen a few places giving 30.82.  Lesson is of course do not change money right off the airplane. At the very least if you have time go down to the rail link level. If no time, change minimum amount money at airport for convenience and then change more at Pattaya.

Breakfast buffet at LK royal residence was poor.  Price too much, no pancakes or french toast, no potatoes! At least they did make eggs omelettes to order and had some bacon. I tried it for convenience.  Mistake. I am sure Apex or Lek hotel are a much better deal.

Bed is still too hard but folding up the comforter and sleeping on that make sit OK.  Next time I think I will bring my cheap mattress topping I buy at Walmart for like $20 USD. The stuff at Big C would be of no help.

Well off to waste some more time. Sunday Carvery at the Robin’s Nest may be on tap for tomorrow. Butcher’s Arms pub on Soi Buakhao seems to be gone. I used to enjoy that place. Decent roast beef and potatoes and gravy comfort food.

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  1. Bert zegt op

    Dïe bieren van THB 155. Zijn dat grote flessen of kleine flesjes?

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