Deze kaart (BBC) geeft inzicht in het protest gebied.

  • Ratchaprasong intersection and the main red-shirt camp: The protest hub, with a stage area and other facilities.
  • Pathum Wanaram Temple: declared a safe area for women and children within the red zone.
  • Dusit Thani hotel: Guests evacuated on Monday after gunfire and explosions just outside the hotel.
  • Ratchaprarop road: One of the flashpoints around the red zone; declared a “live fire zone” by troops on Saturday.
  • Bon Kai area: Another flashpoint and the scene of violent clashes on Sunday after protesters built a barricade
  • Lumpini Park: A Bangkok landmark and the site of the protesters’ largest barricade; several clashes to the south and east of this area in recent days.
  • General shot: Pro-protest general Khattiya Sawastipol, also know as Commander Red, shot on 13 May; he died in hospital on 17 May.

Bangkok Red-zone (photo: BBC)


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